Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Love Fall on the Prairies

Snow Geese landing outside of Craik, Sask on their southern migration. They were so noisy you could hear them a mile away.


It's early in September near Edmonton, Alberta.
I feel a chill down in my hollow bones
The south suddenly has attraction because of the interaction
'Tween prolactin and corticosterone.
There's serious changes in the weather, gotta check my long pointy wings and feathers,
Gettin' ready for a three thousand mile migration.
Still gotta fatten up some more, put some energy in store.
But I think it's time for a tropical vacation.

O mighty North Wind, so cold and strong.
It's time to tell this summer place "So long!"
The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder,
And there's changes going on inside of me.
It's time to migrate, so I'm putting on some weight.
This fat's gotta last 'til I get across the sea.
O mighty North Wind, up in the sky,
I feel the need to get on your back and fly!

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